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THSCAN Relocatable System

The layout of THScan MB1215.

The layout of THScan MB1215.

The control console of THScan MB1215.

The control console of THScan MB1215.

THScan MB1215 scanning unit.

THScan MB1215 scanning unit.

External view of MB1215.

External view of MB1215.


The THSCANMB1215 balances portability with high-end power.   The MB1215 can be installed as a permanent inspection site or moved with minimal effort to another site in just a few days.  The MB1215 achieves portability by combining modular construction with a mid-weight 6MeV linear accelerator radiation source.

Recommended Operators:

System Operator: 1 person

Image Inspection: 2 persons

Check-in & Check-out: 1 person

MB1215 Specifications

X-ray source Linear Accelerator 6MeV
Resolution 0.8mm wire
Resolution behind 100mm steel 1.5mm
Penetration in steel 300mm
Digital gray levels 65536
Throughput 25 40ft containers/hour
Relocation time <3 days
Footprint 115ft x 52ft

Technical Features

  • 6MeV linear accelerator X-ray source balances compact installation with high penetration power

  • Modular unit housing, fast unit breakdown and re-installation

  • Radiation Safety Exceeds WHO and IAEA standards

  • Versatile inspection set-up; variable scan length capable of accommodating multi-axle tractor-trailers

  • High throughput by use of rail mounted scanning device that ensures smooth and fast inspections  


MB1215 Scanning Operation

Click to see animation of MB1215 scanning (2.0M)



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