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THSCAN Radiation Safety

Linear accelerator source.

Linear accelerator source.

Acceleration Tube.

Acceleration Tube.

    As with any high-energy X-ray or other radiation equipment installation, limiting human exposure was a paramount concern when designing the THSCAN inspection systems.  Linear accelerators have been selected as the best means for providing a high energy source, without compromising either safety or image quality.

All THSCAN inspection systems exceed the most stringent international standards, including those imposed by the WHO and IAEA. Each system includes as standard equipment a number of safety systems, including shielding, safety interlocks, and alarms.

Linear accelerators provide a much higher level of safety than alternative sources, including a limitation that X-rays can only be generated by the system when the high voltage generator is powered up.  Unlike alternate X-ray sources, no radiation is produced by the system when it is not powered.

During system operation, THSCAN radiation exposure is actually much lower than natural background radiation.The THSCAN record speaks for itself. THSCAN systems have been installed in about 40 international locations without a single incident of hazardous radiation exposure. 



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