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A Record of Border Security

THSCAN deployments worldwide have established a record of securing international borders against terrorists, drug couriers, and smugglers.

With the aid of THSCAN advanced technology, customs and security officers have spotted and seized illegally smuggled weapons, including a handgun hidden inside a computer buried in a fully packed container.

In addition to weapons seizures, drugs, ivory, and a variety of undeclared smuggled goods have been identified and seized with the aid of THSCAN systems.

Shown here are THSCAN scan images of of interdicted cars and ivory.

Click the photos for a close up showing some of the detail capability of THSCAN imaging.

Interdiction of cars smuggled into Dalian, China.

Interdiction of cars smuggled into Dalian, China.

Interdiction of illegally poached ivory tusks.

Interdiction of illegally poached ivory tusks.



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