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THSCAN™ Fixed Inspection

The Interior of the THscan FG9056 housing.

The Interior of the THscan FG9056 housing.

Scanned image from THscan FG9056.

Scanned image from THscan FG9056.

FG9056 Scanning Operation

Click to see animation of FG9056 scanning operation (700K).

The THSCAN™ FG series fixed inspection systems offer an uncompromised level of power and speed for cargo screening at high capacity port locations.

Equipped with a high energy 9MeV X-ray source and comprehensive transportation and inspection facilities, FG series installations are a model for 21st century cargo screening.

The THSCAN FG series is available in three configurations: FG9056, FG9056HS and FG9016, designed for a variety of port transportation needs. An optional dual monitor inspection station is available for simultaneous viewing of cargo images and manifests.

FG9056 Specifications

X-ray source Linear Accelerator 9MeV
Resolution 0.5mm wire
Resolution behind 100mm steel 1.0mm
Penetration in steel 380mm
Digital gray levels 65536
Throughput 30 40ft containers/hour

Technical Features

  • 9MeV traveling wave X-ray source provides deep penetration capability to unmask contraband that would otherwise remain hidden absent a complete dismantling of the vehicle by inspectors.

  • FG series system installations in buildings provide a secure environment for equipment, cargo and inspectors.

  • The FG9056 features an automated triple flatbed conveyor system for transporting cargo vehicles through the inspection and imaging housing.  Using this state of the art manufacturing automation ensures that the system remains reliable and efficient without sacrificing the high throughput.

  • Five inspection stations allow inspectors sufficient time to carefully examine cargo images and match them against the cargo manifest while maintaining the system’s inspection speed.

  • An experienced design team is available for developing customized or special installation needs.



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