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ARENA™ Threat Environment


Previously, the computational subsystem of most weapons tactics trainers was capable of only a few threats and missiles in a mission scenario. Processing power limited the number and fidelity of these land, sea, and air targets, including the number of simultaneously employed weapons such as missiles, bombs, and bullets.

Air targets, including guided and unguided missiles, require six degree of freedom aerodynamics models to properly simulate their flight path. The instructor or operator must also have the ability to take over control and fly the air target, while engaging the trainee and employing weapons. While in the computer-controlled mode, air targets generally performed predictable, but unrealistic flight maneuvers.


ARENA™ Threat Environment

The ARENA™ Threat Environment consists of the following four major components:

Each component is capable of posing as a significant threat and a challenging opportunity to the trainee in a tactically realistic environment.


Eidetics believes that the controlled repetition of computer targets and specifically air threats, provides the best opportunity for a fighter pilot to practice a particular tactical maneuver, over and over, until proficiency is attained. The trainee practices each maneuver, engaging and defeating the threat, one tactical maneuver at a time, until extremely proficient against all maneuvers. This forms a solid basis from which pilots can advance their tactical skills to the highest level, an unpredictable human opponent in networked air combat. Eidetics' ARENA Threat Environment provides both an extensive number of computer controlled, air threat tactical maneuvers for skills development, and multiple, networked cockpits for pilot-to-pilot combat.


The ARENA Threat Environment also provides land and sea threats, and an Integrated Air Defense System capable of early warning radar detection, multiple surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery threat sites, and a simulated communication and control system. All threats have the capability of acquiring the trainee through radar detection, employing weapons, and utilizing electronic countermeasures. All subsystems and functions have user programmable attributes. This flexibility allows the user to upgrade and enhance the threat environment characteristics without requiring costly subcontracted improvements.


Threat Subsystem Components

Each air threat can be equipped with the following subsystems:

  • Electronic Emitters (Radar)

    • Surveillance Radar

    • Acquisition Radar

    • Fire Control Radar

  • Electronic Countermeasures Pod

    • Chaff and Flare Dispenser

    • Electromagnetic Jammer

  • Weapons

    • Missiles

      • Passive (Infrared)

      • Semi-Active (Beam Rider)

      • Active (Radar)

    • Rockets and Bombs (8 Types)

    • Gun (Programmable)



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