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Eidetics ARENA™ Simulation Technology


All aircraft simulators provided by Eidetics are based on the ARENA™ simulation technology set. This technology set was developed in conjunction with the US government through sponsorship of innovative research programs. Within the ARENA simulation technology is an adaptable software system that provides a structural baseline for different types of aircraft simulation.


ARENA™ Simulation Components

ARENA Air Combat SystemsEidetics' aircraft simulators consist of six major components or subsystems:

Within each Eidetics aircraft simulator the basic structure includes the same visual system, instructor operator station, threat environment and real-time system executive. In each aircraft simulator Eidetics can vary the levels of fidelity for any of these subsystems as required, but the basic underlying structure remains the same. For each specific aircraft, Eidetics provides the matching aircraft simulation software and cockpit hardware.


Eidetics’ ARENA technology also allows the user to modify the weapons' simulation characteristics. Eidetics’ proven technology provides the users with a solid and consistent underlying structure. Therefore, Eidetics’ approach can reduce the cost of adding different aircraft simulators to match a user’s order of battle, and to update or change threat environments, all while maintaining the built-in networking capability among add-in or add-on simulators.


Eidetics, a proven leader in aircraft simulation technology, is committed to providing the lowest-cost, highest-fidelity aircraft training systems to fighter pilots worldwide.



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