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ARENA™ Instructor Operator Stations


Instructor Operator Station Main DisplayWith the advent of high powered, low cost workstations, Eidetics developed the ARENA™ Instructor Operator Station, a new system based on intuitive, point and click control using a standard window interface, such as Microsoft's Windows for PCs or X-Windows/Motif for UNIX based workstations. These graphics workstations are used for both the host computer system and the Instructor Operator Station. Hardware and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced due to common hardware and software systems. The standard user interface dramatically reduces the learning curve for the instructor, operator or pilot. All control functions are within easy reach and are easy to use.


Designed through collaboration with a team of US fighter pilots, these workstations provide superior graphics imaging capability for both simple text windows, 2-D, and 3-D Tactical Situation Displays. The 3-D displays use the pilot's out-the-window visual database to display a correlated, textured-mapped image for mission rehearsal, target placement, or concurrent mission situation analysis and monitoring.

Emergency Procedures MonitoringThe graphics workstations have multiple video outputs that allow multiple monitors to display various control windows at the same time. These windows all share a single workspace, thus providing the operator with easy access to all control panels and displays. A single keyboard and mouse controls all user inputs through all monitors.


The high performance graphics capability also provides for instantaneous visual display of cockpit instrumentation, as required for an instructor's evaluation of a pilot's performance during critical emergency procedure practice. The Emergency Procedures Monitoring Display contains all pertinent cockpit information regarding the state of the instrumentation, switches, indicators and HUD or MFD symbology.


Route Editor DisplayFor mission planning, the Route Editor Display is used to create new or modify existing mission routes. Background maps can be created for the user's area of interest with varying levels of detail. These maps are derived directly from the pilot's out-the-window image as satellite views, thus maintaining complete visual database correlation.




Eidetics maintains its price advantage by tailoring the basic structure of the Instructor Operator Station to fit the user's requirements, while still preserving the core functionality.



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