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ARENA™ Threat Environment - Integrated Air Defense System



To provide comprehensive pilot training, the ARENA™ Threat Environment includes a sophisticated Integrated Air Defense System, capable of simulating an active and intelligent adversary environment. An intelligent command and control subsystem exercises authority the following sites using simulated alert levels, asset allocation, and battlefield communication time delay propagation:

  • Radar

  • Surface-to-air missile

  • Anti-aircraft artillery

The suite of tracking systems available to each sites include:

  • Early warning

  • Acquisition

  • Fire control radar

  • Optical tracker

Surface to Air Missiles

The surface-to-air missiles are six degree of freedom flight vehicles with a ground directed, semi-active radar, or a passive infrared seeker, and a proportional navigation, line of sight, or pursuit guidance system.


Anti-Aircraft Artillery

The anti-aircraft artillery shells use point mass, three degree of freedom flight models with single shot and rapid fire burst modes.



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