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High Fidelity Avionics Software Test System


HI-FAST - Edwards Air Force BaseEidetics Corporation has developed the next generation approach to integrated avionics systems testing with its High Fidelity Avionics Software Test System (HI-FAST). HI-FAST is currently in operation in international applications and at Edwards Air Force Base, Edwards, CA. HI-FAST provides multiple bus avionics operation and testing in real-time. The system's aircraft simulation models are high fidelity, allowing software testing under both systems and aircraft dynamic conditions.


A major feature of HI-FAST is the Man-Machine Interface. Through a set of user friendly, menu-driven panels, the user can control, modify and observe every aspect of the simulation.


HI-FAST has real-time monitoring and plotting of packed and unpacked data. Data can be collected and stored from shared memory and from multiple MIL-STD-1553 multiplex busses. The data can be stored in data reduction, weapon scoring, playback and mission debrief formats.


HI-FAST - Edwards Air Force BaseThe aircraft's environment includes all atmospheric effects of temperature, altitude, wind gusts and turbulence, and also includes interactive hostile / friendly aircraft and ground targets. This allows Unit Under Test testing under realistic stress conditions.


The system library contains a large number of avionics and system models. The software interface between these models, the airframe and the unit under test, is the equivalent of a MUX-BUS Interface Control Document which is resident in reflective memory. An ICD development tool automatically converts the aircraft level ICD into the form required to pack and unpack I/O data.


A comprehensive data reduction and analysis tool allows multi-variable tabular and graphical presentation of any selected data range and can perform statistical, sort and filtering operations on this data.


  • Dynamic avionics "Hot Bench" OFP development and test

  • Multiple I/O interfaces

    • Analog, digital, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, RS-422

  • Silicon Graphics workstation based system

  • Avionics

    • Simulated - generic line replaceable unit

    • Emulated - specific line replaceable unit to product specifications

    • Real hardware - actual LRU (OFP test phase)

  • Automatic Operation

    • Scripted testing and evaluation

    • Replay of tests and evaluation scenarios

    • Replay of flight test scenarios for OFP software analysis


HI-FAST - Edwards Air Force BaseMAN-IN-THE-LOOP Avionics Testing


HI-FAST will provide the user with a state-of-the-art turnkey avionics test capability that will pay for itself on the very first program by substantially reducing cost, schedule, and technical risk.



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