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ARENAARENA™ Combat Aircraft Tactics Trainer


Eidetics' ARENA™ fighter aircraft simulators are low cost, networkable pilot stations designed for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat engagements. The stations' advanced design can be applied to:

  • Fighter Weapons School Air-Combat Training

  • Tactics Development and Evaluation Studies

  • Weapons System Technology Assessment Studies

  • Weapons System Requirements Studies

  • Air Defense System Training

ARENA pilot stations can be configured to customer specifications for simulating ownship, wingman, or threat aircraft with various levels of performance fidelity, including aircraft-specific unit level trainers. All ARENA pilot stations are designed to incorporate a package of simulation technology advancements that provide low-cost tactical scenario realism. Eidetics' ARENA simulation technology set includes such features as:


High Fidelity, Out-the-Window Visual System

  • Eidetics' patented Virtual Dome® providing an inexpensive solution for 360° situational awareness

  • Standard large, rear projected bright box

  • Optional 3-screen system providing approximately 240° of instantaneous field-of-view

  • Silicon Graphics® visualization supercomputers

  • PC-based image generators

  • Semi-immersive helmet mounted display for high resolution, true 360° viewing capability

Reconfigurable Aircraft Performance

  • Aerodynamic and propulsion system performance

  • Flight controls

  • Payload/range capability

  • Offensive and defensive avionics systems

  • Radar, infra-red and visual signature

  • Weapons performance

Extensive Threat Environment

  • Air, land, sea threats

  • Electronic emitters, electronic countermeasures and weapons

  • Computer controlled one, two, three and four ship tactics

  • Integrated Air Defense System

  • Weapons performance

  • Controlled repetition of computer targets for training proficiency

Networking Architecture

  • Up to 10 piloted cockpits

  • Up to 60 computer controlled adversaries 

Battle Manager/ Instructor Operator Station

  • Pilot designed user interface

  • Rapid mission scenario set-up

  • Aircraft, weapons, signature data, avionics setup

  • Navigational aids

  • 3D ACMI-type debrief and replay capability

  • Performance feedback and evaluation 


Low Cost, Air Combat Training with High Performance Capabilities



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