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Eidetics Awarded Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division SBIR Phase II Contract for Determination of Non-Linear Dynamic Aerodynamic Coefficients for Aircraft Program


September 29, 1997 - Eidetics Corporation was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract for the Determination of Non-Linear Dynamic Aerodynamic Coefficients for Aircraft Program. This program is a continuation of the Phase I efforts recently completed by Eidetics and is sponsored by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division.


"To accurately predict the flight dynamics of fighter aircraft, a relatively complete data base for static and dynamic aerodynamics properties for a complete range of flight conditions is required. Since it is impossible, or not feasible, to acquire this complete set of data for all possible combinations of aircraft attitude and motion parameters the available data base must be interpolated between test data points for conditions that were not specifically tested. This requires an aerodynamic math model representation - the means for interpolating and combining test data to provide the appropriate aerodynamics data.


The Phase I study focused on finding new testing techniques to improve the ability to present dynamic terms sufficiently to account for important non-linearities with rotation rate and to recognize and accommodate significant effects if the motion time history dependency. Water tunnel dynamic force and moment tests were conducted with single and multiple degrees of freedom or rotational role on an F/A-18 model, and recent high-amplitude high-rate roll-oscillation wind tunnel experiments on a 65 delta wing model were reviewed with the objective of developing a new test methodology for the future."



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