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Eidetics Awarded Contract to Provide Wind Tunnel Rotary Balance Rig and Water Tunnel Model 2436 to Hyosung Industries Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea


May 2, 1997 - Eidetics Corporation was awarded a contract to provide a wind tunnel rotary balance rig and Eidetics' water tunnel model 2436 to Hyosung Industries Co. Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea. These systems will be used by the Korean Agency for Defense Development's Low Speed Wind Tunnel Project. The contracting organization, Hyosung Industries Co. Ltd., is working with Aiolos Engineering Corporation, Toronto, Canada.


Eidetics is providing a rotary model support system using an articulated sting support structure mounted on the rear test section of the wind tunnel. This system provides rotation in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions using a slip ring mechanism. The geometry of the rotary balance rig includes a C-struct to provide variable angles of attack and a rotatable sting for angles of side slip by varying the roll angle. The system is driven by a hydraulic pump and motor system with a servo valve for closed loop position and speed control. Included are a complete set of drawings, maintenance and operational manuals and a spare parts list.


Eidetics' water tunnel model 2436 includes a five component force/moment balance, roll motion mechanism, rotary balance rig, desktop computer with software for model motion, model support control, signaling and data acquisition system, drawings, maintenance and operation manuals, and a spare parts list.




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