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Eidetics Delivers Model 0710 Water Tunnel to San Pedro High School, CA


San Pedro High School Aerospace Academy LogoMarch 20, 2000 - Eidetics Corporation delivered its second University Model 0710 Water Tunnel to San Pedro High School, San Pedro, California. Eidetics' water tunnel will be a major focal point for the San Pedro High School Aerospace Academy.


The San Pedro High School Aerospace Academy Rollout was held on March 24, 2000 and featured several guest speakers, including Steve H. Walters, Principal SPHS, Councilman Rudy Svorinich, Master of Ceremonies and Facilitator for the LA-AFCEA Education Foundation Col. (Ret.) Edwin W. A. Peura, Instructor Larry J. Thompson SPHS, Debbie Ferguson Computer Support SPHS, Los Angeles United School District Board Member Mike Lansing, and Lt. Gen. Eugene Tattini, SMC/CC.


The Benefactors that contributed to the Aerospace Academy are TRW, AFCEA Education Foundation, National Space Club, National Defense Industrial Association, SBACC, The Aerospace Corporation, The Schriever Education Foundation, Southern California Edison, and Pacific Bell.


Through the Benefactors, the Aerospace Academy also acquired a satellite receiver that receives direct, real-time images from the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite satellite. The GOES satellite, produced by NASA, uses visible, radar and infrared images to monitor the weather in North and South America from an altitude of just over 19,000 nautical miles.


After the guest speakers, Larry Thomson and his students demonstrated the cylinder experiment using the University Model 0710 water tunnel in the classroom.



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