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Eidetics Hosts San Pedro High School Aerospace Academy


March 16, 2000 - Eidetics Corporation hosted a field trip from the newly formed San Pedro High School Aerospace Academy, San Pedro, California. The field trip was a part of the Aerospace Academy Rollout set for March 24, 2000. Mr. Larry Thomson, lead teacher for the San Pedro Aerospace Academy arranged the field trip and has generously provided the photographs of the tour.


Mr. Brian Kramer Introduces Eidetics Research Facility to San Pedo High School Students

Mr. Brian Kramer, Vice President of Engineering, started the tour with an overview of the engineering research activities performed by Eidetics Corporation. He followed this with an introduction to Eidetics' aerospace research facilities. The students were then split into two groups, for an in depth look at the water tunnel and the aircraft simulation systems

Dr. Michael Herho Demonstrates Model 0710 Water Tunnel to San Pedro High School Students


Dr. Michael Kerho, Lead Aerodynamicist for Eidetics, led a demonstration of the University Model 0710 Water Tunnel and a series of basic aerodynamic experiments.


Mr. Joe Heid Demonstrates Eidetics ARENA to San Pedro High School Students


Eidetics Software Architect and former S3/P3 Navy pilot Joe Heid demonstrated how the knowledge gained from aerodynamic experiments is used to enhance Eidetics' ARENA™ Air Combat



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