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Brent Barker Joins Eidetics as Vice President of Sales and Marketing


January 3, 2000 - Mr. Brent Barker joined Eidetics Corporation as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Barker has extensive expertise as a fighter instructor pilot and business development experience in the aerospace industry.


Mr. Barker received his BS degree in business from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and after completing his undergraduate pilot training at Williams AFB, he was selected as a T-38 instructor pilot for Reese AFB. 

Returning to Williams AFB, Mr. Barker continued as an F-5B/E/F fighter instructor pilot.


Mr. Barker joined Northrop Corporation and held a variety of positions, including F-5, T-38 and F-20 Flight Test Pilot, Advanced Tactical Fighter Pilot Training Development Specialist, Manager of Operational Requirements for Advanced Design, Program Manager for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System Business Assessment, Director for Business Development for the ATF/YF-23,  T-38 Avionics Upgrade Programs, and A-10 Programs, and Manager F-5/T-38 Business Development.


Mr. Barker joined the California Air National Guard in 1985 and piloted the F-4C/D/E and the RF-4C. He is currently a Lt. Colonel Aircraft Commander in the KC-135R aircraft and Chief of Training and Tactics for the 196 ARS, March Air Reserve Base (ARB), California.


Mr. Barker's additional education includes the USAF Air Command and Staff College and the UCLA Anderson Graduate Business School Executive Marketing Program.


Brent Barker

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Eidetics Corporation

3425 Lomita Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90505 USA

(310) 326-8228 ext.14




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