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Eidetics Corporation Facility

Eidetics Corporation’s engineering and manufacturing facility is located in Torrance, California approximately 15 miles south of Los Angeles International airport.This facility includes 12,000 square feet of engineering, design, conference, demonstration, software development, office space and manufacturing.

Eidetics’ in-house simulation hardware systems include the following:

  • n· Vision Datavisor80, helmet mounted display with 120° x 70° field of view, 1280 x 1024 resolution, full color CRTs, integrated with an Ascension Flock of Birds magnetic tracking unit on a F-16 fiberglass cockpit, with a functioning hands on stick and throttle, and a touch screen CRT monitor for instrumentation and multi-function display

  • A second F-16 cockpit and a generic fiberglass cockpit with functioning hands on stick and throttle, head up display, glass front panel instrumentation, and a push button bezel for the multi-function display

  • Three enclosed, rear-projected, 100" diagonal displays using Ampro 3300/3600 CRT projectors and two front-projected, 100" diagonal displays using Espirit and Electrohome CRT projectors

  • MIDI based sound sampler and generator with amplifiers and cockpit mounted speakers

  • Four place intercom system with aircraft-quality headsets

Eidetics’ computational system includes several computers networked through a series of standard 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet hubs. These computers and peripherals consist of:

  • Dual Intel Xeon 2.0 Gz class computers with multi-media and 3D processing capabilities provided by nVidia GeForce3 Ti500 chipsets.

  • Four place intercom system with aircraft-quality headsets

  • A Silicon Graphics Onyx2 InfiniteReality computer, including 4 CPUs and eight channel video output

  • Seven Silicon Graphics O2 R5000 computers, including video capture and output

  • One hundred sixty gigabytes of external disk storage, and dual 4mm Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drives and several CD-RW for software and data archival

  • A Tektronics Phaser 840, LaserWriters, HP LaserJet and Color DesignJet D-Size printers, a Microtek Scanmaker III scanner and Canon Color Laser Copier 

The PC computers use a standard suite of development tools and operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 Professional, NT, 98 and DOS

  • Microsoft Visual C / C++ Compilers, Compaq Visual Fortran

  • Hummingbird Exceed  / Exceed 3D

  • Quantum3D OpenGVS Application Programming Interface

  • Technology Service Corporation REALIR

  • Microsoft 8086 to 386 Macro Assembler and Microsoft TASM Cross Assemble

  • AutoCAD 13, NASTRAN 

  • Microsoft Office XP / 2000, including Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher and Access

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000

  • Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop, and Canvas 5.0

The Silicon Graphics computers use a standard suite of development tools and operating systems, including:

  • IRIX 6.5.3 and CaseVision Software Development Environment

  • C, C++, FORTRAN, FORTRAN 77 and ADA Compilers

  • Adobe Premiere, PhotoShop and Illustrator Multi-media Tools

  • Coryphaeus’ Designer’s Workbench and EasyTerrain Modeling Tools

  • Gemini Technology’s OpenGVS Application Programming Interface

  • UIM/X X-Windows Graphical User Interface Development Tool

Eidetics has unlimited access to the Internet through a DSL router and firewall, which is networked to all appropriate computer systems. Eidetics also has electronic mail service to all of its employees through its mail server and hosts its own World Wide Web site on a Red Hat 6.0 Linux PC.

Eidetics’ Commercial Government Entity (CAGE) Code is 7Y623. Eidetics has the capability to process and store classified data and its facilities meet all applicable environmental laws and regulations of federal, State of California, County of Los Angeles, and the City of Torrance, California.



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