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Eidetics Corporation

Eidetics Corporation is a privately owned, high-tech aerospace company based in Torrance, California. Founded in 1982, Eidetics specializes in low-cost, high fidelity simulation of military systems and high resolution scanning equipment.


Armed Forces Journal

Training and Simulation 2000

"How does 'Perceptronics Training Systems' (PTS) strike you? That's the moniker of a new group formed by Eidetics Corporation of Torrance, CA. The group results from Eidetics' acquisition of the Precision Gunnery Training System and the Training Simulation Group from Perceptronics.


Included in the purchase were such technologies as TOW and DRAGON missile simulation systems, along with Improved TOW vehicle, truck-driving, helicopter, and main battle tank trainers.


According to information from Eidetics Corporation, 'many' of the key employees from Perceptronics are now working for PTS on recently inked contracts with Egypt and Saudi Arabia."


Eidetics' Senior Engineering Specialist Joe Heid Treks up Mt. Everest - New Pictures!

On Saturday, September 22, 2001 Eidetics' Senior Engineering Specialist Joe Heid left for Bangkok, Thailand and on to Kathmandu for his trek up to Mt. Everest's base camp. Click here to experience Joe's journey.


News Summary

Homeland Security - THScan™ Systems


SDS International Selects Eidetics to provide low-cost F-16 type cockpit 


Eidetics Selected to Improve Real Time Performance of MIL-AASPEM II for AFRL


Eidetics Acquires PGTS and Training Simulation Group from Perceptronics.


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